About Us
We have a Singular Mission:
To Give Patients and Their Healthcare Providers Access to The Lowest-Priced Prescription Drugs

Patients are paying a greater share of drug costs than ever before, through increased deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance. They have no idea what to expect because prescription drug prices vary widely even at pharmacies just a few blocks apart. Prices can’t be easily compared because there has been no comprehensive source of prescription drug prices that are sold at retail pharmacies and updated in real-time. Until now.

RxStream® was originally built to provide Doctors and Patients with access to discounted prescription pricing as part of the electronic prescribing workflow within electronic medical record systems. Currently, 10’s of thousands of Doctors and Nurses across the country use RxStream® to deliver prescription price transparency to millions of Patients every day and to provide them access to the absolute lowest prescription costs within our network of over 70,000 chain, grocery, and independent contracted pharmacies.

RxStream® is now available here and on the RxStream® Mobile App through iTunes and Google Play.